Name:Christmas Ornaments - Celtic Heart Shapes  

Christmas ornaments in a heart shape made by combining embroidered Harris tweed and wool fleece felted together to create a seamless lightweight babble.
Approximately 1cm thick and 9cm across. The hanging loop is hand twisted metallic thread which matches the embroidery. One side is embroidered with a Celtic knot and the other with a triskelle (Celtic triple spiral) Available in a variety of festive colours

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Anna Macneil

Now in its 25th year, this is a 3 generation family business who create all their own designs. All items are hand made and finished by them

Many of the designs are inspired by the ancient Pictish sculptured stones that are unique to Scotland. These stones are decorated with mysterious symbols, intricate knotwork, key patterns, spirals, crosses and zoomorphic forms which provide infinite possibilities for decorating the purses, wall hangings and Christmas ornaments.

Other designs are developed from the flowers that grow wild in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Every piece we made is unique.

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