Name:Sheila Fleet Scapa Flow Brooch  

Sheila Fleet, Orkney, Scotland Designer
This Collection is inspried by a natural deep water harbor, situated in the middle of the Orkney Island group. This safe haven was used in the war time to house the British Naval Fleet. the soft colors of the waters of Scapa Flow insprired this smooth shape with its own unique enamel color.

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Sheila Fleet

Sheila designs sophisticated silver, gold and enamel jewellery collections which reflect times past and present. All items are made individually by a skilled team of craftspeople and artisans at her workshop in Orkney, Scotland.

With a passion for her island environment Sheila creates her original designs reflecting nature’s wonderful sea, sky and landscape colours. Orkney’s history and folklore are also a rich medium for her inspiration.

She feels her designs take on an energy while in the research and development process. Developing designs which are a meaningful expression of her chosen subject is very important to her eventual creation.

Following her graduation from Edinburgh College of Art she worked 26 years as a designer in the trade before setting up on her own in 1993.

Throughout her career she has won many design awards in both Britain and Europe. However Sheila feels the challenge is always in what lies ahead and with lots of new ideas ready to develop she will continue to build on her range of jewellery designs.

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